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Composites are cutting-edge scientific items that are in high demand for both residential and commercial applications. They’re simple to make out of repurposed wood decking or fibres, and they’re held together by a combination of chemical adhesives. As a result, these Composites are also referred to as environmentally friendly. These composites have outperformed typical wood decking in terms of efficiency and stability.

If you are planning for any Decking Melbourne construction in upcoming days then go on reading the blog till end to know good points and bad points of the composite decking. Here are five key characteristics of composite decking that set it apart. To choose right decking, its important to understand what is composite decking and what are its pros and cons!

  • What is a composite panel?

A wood plastic mixture usually consisting of UV inhibitors, pigments and borate preservatives. By heating together, they are molded into a structured plate and then cooled to a finished product. The best are about to be revealed, and here comes an interesting fact about its environmental friendliness. Waste and recycled plastics are typically used to make a replacement for this hardwood.

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  • How Suitable Is It For Homes?

Ensure that you have knowledge of all of its positives and negatives. So, here goes the same below.


  1. A low maintenance product: Composites need no staining or sealing, which means a lot of money can be saved on the same and used later for an upgraded composite material.
  2. long lasting: In contrast to teak, deck boards are debris-free and rarely rot or suffer from termite epidemics.
  3. Fewer fades when compared to the corresponding one: When exposed to the sun, the composite weakens, but this is minor and occurs in the first few months. After that, the fade will stop.
  4. Elongated board: The length extends up to 20 feet, indicating a small end connection.
  5. Made from recycled content: These are mainly plastic bags and milk jugs, otherwise they end up in landfills and elsewhere.


  1. Shows scuff marks: This is because shoes with sand under the soles, playful dogs, and moving furniture. However, the same grade will be mixed overtime.
  2. Get heated easily: To avoid this, investing in deeply grooved planks proves to be barefoot friendly.
  3. Doesn’t look like a wood: In some cases, it may not be a double tree.
  4. Does not repel dirt: don’t spill food or drink. By weighing the strengths and weaknesses, it is easy to conclude that it is suitable as a terrace material. And that is by no means negative. There are endless styles like double sided decking available under it, you can checkout online for more options.

The most common question popping up in the mind of consumers is about the price difference. Whether it is decking, verandah or Pergolas Melbourne its important to consider the outer impression efficiently. Choose the suitable colour choices and mimic real wood better. Other, basic ones, are relatively cheaper for the amazing outdoor appearance. Consult maliview decks and pergolas to choose the high-quality pergola and deck options.