The deck is a great place for outdoor entertaining, but it’s also a great space to relax when you just want to hang out with friends and family. You can update your Decking Melbourne with new decor and make it even better than before! Here are some creative ideas for your next remodel:

Fibreglass Screened deck

Fibreglass screen decks are one of the most popular options for outdoor Decking Melbourne due to their low maintenance and long-lasting durability.

Fibreglass is made of high-strength fibres that can withstand all kinds of weather, including rain and snow. It’s also scratch resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about your furniture or patio table getting damaged over time. Plus, it’s easy to clean with soap and water!

Decking Melbourne

Deck with fire pit

Adding a fire pit to your deck is a great way to create a cozy atmosphere. Fire pits are available in many different shapes and sizes, so you can get the look that matches your tastes and décor.

Fire pits are also great for cooking; whether you’re using them for cooking or just sitting around, they add a warm ambience to any outdoor space.

Fire pits are also great for entertaining—you can use it as the centre of attention at parties or gatherings!

You can also use fire pits for cooking. Many of them come with grills that make it easy to grill your food without having to go inside.

If you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit is an easy way to get one! Fire pits are also great for entertaining—you can use it as the centre of attention at parties or gatherings!

Freestanding terrace

A freestanding terrace is a great way to take advantage of your backyard’s natural beauty. Not only can you enjoy the views, but you can also entertain guests in comfort. If you want to add a fire pit, consider building one on your deck or terrace.

This will allow you and your friends to enjoy some good company while enjoying the outdoors during those cold winter months.

If you’re looking for an easy way to bring the outside in and make your living area feel more spacious, try opting for one of our fibreglass screened decks!

We have many options available that will give you plenty of room while still providing privacy from neighbours looking in their windows across the street.


If you’re looking for an updated look for your outdoor space, it doesn’t get much better than this. If you want to really wow your friends and family, consider adding a fire pit or even some kind of water feature – but only if it fits in with your style!

We can help you make any deck trend of 2022 a reality. Maliview Decks And Pergolas provides modern Decking Melbourne ideas to help you enhance your outdoor space.