We know Pergolas have long been a favourite of yours. You adore the way they make a backyard look and feel elegant. Now that you’ve decided to purchase one, you’re left with just one question: what is the best Pergolas Melbourne material? You can choose from vinyl, pressure-treated wood, or cedar. The pergola material you choose defines your pergola’s price, design, maintenance requirements, and lifespan.

We are the headquarters for all things outdoor living at Maliview Decks & Pergolas, and we’re here to help you find the right pergola for your property and your expenditure!

Any high-quality pergola will provide additional shade and elegance to your outdoor living area. Finding the best pergola material is all about finding the one that is perfect for YOU. Oak, vinyl, and cedar pergolas all have advantages, which is why we custom-build all three for you!

1. Pressure Treated Wood Pergolas

It’s easy to see why pressure-treated wood is one of the best pergola materials on the market, with the most colour choices and the most affordable price. Wood pergolas, which can be stained or painted, can complement an elegantly simple rustic style or stand out as a bold accent piece. However, despite being pressure-treated to avoid rot, mould, and bugs, our wooden pergolas are more vulnerable to these problems than other pergola materials.

2. Vinyl Pergolas

It’s not even close to being the most famous pergola we offer. Vinyl pergolas have a classic, clean design that looks great on decks, patios, and other outdoor areas. White vinyl’s sleek look complements almost every outdoor space while still standing out as a true design focal point. Vinyl is the strongest pergola material in several respects because it can last a lifetime with very little maintenance. However, all of these benefits come at a cost: vinyl pergolas are the most expensive choice on the market.

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3. Cedar Wood Pergolas

Cedar, another kind of wooden pergola, has a distinct appearance and other distinguishing characteristics. The western red cedar pergolas we build are naturally resistant to the rot and insects that wreak havoc on other wood types. Furthermore, this lovely wood has a distinct cedar scent that many homeowners adore. Although these pergolas cannot be painted, they can be stained to maintain their signature red colour. Red cedar is one of the best pergola materials, and it’s in the centre of our other two pergola material choices in terms of price.

Our take on custom pergolas for you

We can easily and affordably produce designs and building plans thanks to our experience and industry knowledge. We’ll work to keep your project as close to downtown as possible while still coming up with unique spatial solutions. Although choosing the right pergola material can be challenging, we do know that one thing is certain: quality matters.


More than any single material, the best pergola is handcrafted, not mass-produced. Every pergola at Maliview Decks & Pergola Melbourne is the greatest sign of our craftsmanship. When you closely examine any of our goods, you’ll notice the difference that our material quality creates.