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Who doesn’t want to spend time under the sky!!! We all love to sit under the moonlight and spend candlelight dinner or we want beautiful scenery whenever we wake up in the morning. The installation of Decking Melbourne can be a good enhancement of your home.

When it comes to home extension, there are endless choices to select from. Most of the homeowners get confused to select from decking or Pergola Builder Melbourne installation.

If you are enjoying the great outdoors, there could be nothing better than choosing a complete stylist deck or outstanding pergola that can simply lift up your home value. The first and foremost important thing is to figure out an actual type of deck. The big decision you need to take among various things that come across is materials. Wood decking is exactly the same as it sounds, but you can select from major types of deck or pergola.

Since people believe decking is better, but it still depends upon individual needs. Each type of decking has its benefits, so you need to scroll through it and make the best property decision.

You can go through the below features while you look into decking & pergola options.


The composite board arrives on the top when it comes to durability. They are water-resistant and dense, so they never split or crack, which means that your deck will stay in a good shape for many more years to come. Also, you need not worry about the minimal maintenance tasks like sanding and re-staining the deck. However, many homeowners complain that composite boards could become worn in high-traffic areas.

home pergolas
home pergolas


There might be a difference of opinions, but people find that the natural appeal of real wood will be perfect for composite decking. However, composite boards are available in limited colours, and the brown tones of it can come off as fake in looks. This is the reason why a real wood deck will add more value to the home’s resale value than any composite one. Also, you need to consider that most people value the look of wood over composite, even if they have given extra efforts in keeping things at their best.


No matter, what you choose, the cost of the purchase plays an important role. Determining the budget in advance is essential, and thus you should stay clear about the cost. The consideration of composite decking is far more expensive compare to any other. Once you have determined the budget in mind, there are other many things that would require quick consideration.

Bottom line,

The choice of selecting Deck Builder will come across different tastes which will depend upon the budget and how much time you want to spend in maintaining the deck. If you want to ensure maintenance-free living, then composite decking is a perfect choice.